fredag 30 augusti 2013

Ur min garderob: En heldag på Natural History Museum

Topp - H&M, födelsedagspresent 2012 Byxor - Zara, 2007
Väska - Mammas gamla, 80-tal Skor - Skopunkten, 2006
Klocka - Guldfynd, födelsedagspresent 2011

6 kommentarer:

  1. love the second photo!:) and the museum looks like Hogwarts from Harry Potter:D♥

    1. Thank you! I like it to, couldn't decide which one to choose so I put them both up :) The museum was amazing and felt a lot like Hogwarts just as you say :)

  2. I love your style! I love museums, they have all of the inspirational pictures in them!

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    1. Thank you! Museums are the best and you really can get great inspiration from them :)



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